The Waterfalls of Oconee County

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Height: 40 Feet
Latitude: N 34° 49.352
Distance: 75 Yards
Longitude: W 83° 14.991
Total Elevation Change: 60 Feet

Upper Fall Creek Falls

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Directions to the falls:
  1. From Westminster, drive west on US 76 for 16.4 miles and turn right (east) onto Chattooga Ridge Road (Oconee County S-196).
  2. Drive approximately 2 miles and turn left (north) onto Fall Creek Rd. (FS 722)
  3. Follow FS 722 for about 0.3 mile until it forks and take the left (west) fork.
  4. At approximately 0.7 mile FS 722 crosses over Fall Creek. Park beyond the creek. The first level of Fall Creek Falls is visible from the roadside.
  5. Walk up the road about 150 feet to a faint path on the left and descend.
  6. In the past, a yellow piece of flagging tape has marked the entry part for this trail. Follow the shallow gully to the base of the falls.
  7. Within approximately 75 yards, the falls can be seen on your left.
  8. Following the creek downstream will bring you to the other levels of the falls, but it is an arduous undertaking because of mountain laurel and rhododendron thickets.