The Waterfalls of Oconee County

Bee Cove Falls
Big Bend Falls
Blue Hole Falls
Brasstown Falls
Cedar Creek Falls
Chau-Ram Falls
Chauga Narrows
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Dar Shoals
Hikers Peril
Issaqueena Falls
King Creek Falls
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Licklog Falls
Little Brasstown Falls
Long Creek Falls
Lower Fall Creek Falls
Lower Sloan Bridge Falls
Lower Whitewater Falls
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Reedy Branch Falls
Riley Moore Falls
Spoonauger Falls
Station Cove Falls
Upper Fall Creek Falls
Yellow Branch Falls

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3 Tiers, Total Height: 120 Feet
Latitude: N 34° 43.120
Distance: .25 Miles
Longitude: W 83° 18.277
Elevation Change: Feet

Tier 1
Brasstown Cascade : 50 Feet ▼

  Brasstown Cascade  

Tier 2
Brasstown Veil : 35 Feet ▼

  Brasstown Veil  

Tier 3
Brasstown Sluice : 35 Feet ▼

  Brasstown Sluice  

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The area surrounding Brasstown Valley was first explored by the Cherokee. The Cherokee called the land “Itseyi”, or place of fresh green. The early pioneers who settled the area confused this word with the Cherokee word for brass. The mistaken meaning has remained the name of this area ever since.

Brasstown Vale was purchased by the US Forestry Service in 1935 for $5.00/per acre. This purchase yielded several rare plant species, as well as the series of falls that make up the Brasstown Falls chain.

Directions to the falls:
  1. From the Junction of U.S. 76 and HWY 183 in Westminster, drive west on U.S. 76 for 11.8 miles and turn left on Brasstown Road (Oconee County Road S-48).
  2. Drive 4.2 miles (the road becomes dirt for the last 1.5 miles) and turn right onto FS 751 (just before the small bridge)
  3. Drive 0.5 mile on FS 751 and park. (There are rocks to block vehicles here.)
  4. Follow the path (past the vehicular barricade on FS 751) that leads you beneath power lines and into the woods.
  5. After entering the woods, several trails branch off to the left, keep following the trail to the right to view the falls.