The Waterfalls of Oconee County

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Height: 40 Feet
Latitude: N 34° 58.474
Distance: 2.1 Miles
Longitude: W 83° 03.134
Total Elevation Change: 720 Feet

Bee Cove Falls

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Directions to the falls:
  1. From the Junction of S.C 28 and HWY 183 in Walhalla, drive northwest on SC 28 for approximately 8 miles and bear right (north) onto SC 107.
  2. Drive approximately 12.5 miles to a pull-out on the left and park here.  FS 702 is about 150 yards east on the right side of SC 107.
  3. Hike down FS 702 (east) for about a mile, and just after crossing Bee Cove Creek, take the fork to the right.
  4. Follow the road along Bee Cove Creek for about 0.3 miles to a three-way junction and take the road to the right. You will have to walk over an earthen mound placed here to block vehicular traffic.
  5. At 0.1 mile, the road curves to the left. Take the less well-defined path on your right here. There are quite a few low-lying logs spaced recurrently across this section of the path.
  6. A little less than 0.1 mile later, this path begins to disappear. Near this point, on your right, look for a white pine and large, crooked chestnut oak. You will be able to hear the falls, even though they are still beyond sight.
  7. You are within 300 feet of the falls. Follow the sound of the plunging water to find the first cascade. It is a bit of a scramble to get to get to the base of the first fall. There isn't much undergrowth to hamper your efforts here. There is a nice flat boulder at the base of the falls that offers a welcomed opportunity to rest and enjoy the scenery.
  8. Descending downstream, there are four smaller falls, and the descent is exceedingly difficult because of the rhododendron growing alongside the creek. Progress will be slow here, proceed with caution.