The Waterfalls of Greenville County

Arboretum Falls
Ben's Sluice
Cedar Shoals
Cliff Falls
Confusion Falls
Dargan's Cascades
Falls Creek Falls
Firewater Falls
Jones Gap Falls
Lower Reedy River Falls
Lower Wildcat Falls
Moonshine Falls
Pleasant Ridge Falls
Rainbow Falls
Raven Cliff Falls
Reedy River Falls
Rock Cliff Falls
Rock Quarry Falls
Slickum Falls
Toll Road Falls
Upper Wildcat Falls

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Height: 40 Feet        Distance: 1.7 miles        Directions

Rock Cliff Falls

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Directions to the falls:
  1. From Greenville, drive northwest on US 276 to Caesar's Head State Park.
  2. Park at the Visitors Center and walk across US 276 to the Frank Coggins Trail Head.
  3. Follow the Frank Coggins Trail 0.8 mile to a footbridge at the brink of Cliff Falls.
  4. The Frank Coggins Trail ends here at the junction of The Rim of the Gap Trail and the Naturaland Trust Trail.
  5. Follow the Naturaland Trust Trail 0.3 mile to Firewater Falls.
  6. Continue past Firewater Falls for another 0.25 mile, the trail will then cross US 276.
  7. The trail follows US 276 for 0.2 mile to Cliff Ridge Development and continues another 0.2 mile to Rock Cliff Falls.