The Waterfalls of Greenville County

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Ben's Sluice
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Dargan's Cascades
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Firewater Falls
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Lower Reedy River Falls
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Rainbow Falls
Raven Cliff Falls
Reedy River Falls
Rock Cliff Falls
Rock Quarry Falls
Slickum Falls
Toll Road Falls
Upper Wildcat Falls

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Height: 100 Feet        Distance: 0.5 Mile        Directions

Rainbow Falls

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Directions to the falls:
  1. From Greenville, head north on U.S. 276.
  2. Just north of Furman, U.S. 25 and U.S. 276 branch off.
  3. Follow U.S. 276 for 10.4 miles to where it meets HWY 11.
  4. Continue following U.S. 276. In 5.4 miles, HWY 11 will depart to the left, continue on U.S. 276.
  5. In 9.5 miles, turn right onto Solomon Jones Road, just before the North Carolina state line at the Camp Greenville sign.
  6. Drive 4.6 miles to a small gravel parking area on the right (just past a crosswalk sign).
  7. Park and walk back on the road about 10 yards and turn left (south) just before the crosswalk sign.
  8. Just past the second of 2 sets of ropes, the trail rounds the curve of a boulder and then makes a switchback over a short step formed by the outcrop. At the switchback, on the opposite side of the path is an upturned tree root. Remember this landmark. The switchback is not confusing when you are going to the waterfall, but can be missed on your return trip.
  9. When you reach Cox Creek, turn right (north) and carefully ascend the dirt path, with can be extremely slippery when wet.
  10. About 30 yards from this turn is a large fallen tree. You can use the tree or a nearby wire cable to cross the creek.