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Height: 50 Feet
Latitude: N 35° 07.476
Distance: 1.1 Miles
Longitude: W 82° 35.642
Total Elevation Change: 390 Feet

Jones Gap Falls

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Jones Gap Falls is a delightful 40 Foot cascade tucked away in Jones Gap State Park. The Middle Saluda River runs through the heart of the park. Jones Gap Trail follows the river as it courses its way down through Jones Gap. The trail is part of an old toll road that was constructed by Solomon Jones in 1840 and was in use until 1910.

Directions to the falls:
  1. From Greenville, head north on U.S. 276.
  2. Just north of Furman, U.S. 25 and U.S. 276 branch off.
  3. Continue following U.S. 276 for 10.4 miles to where it meets HWY 11.
  4. Follow US 276 for 1.4 miles and turn right onto River Falls Road (Greenville County S-97). (Watch for an F-Mart convenience store at this intersection)
  5. Drive 5.4 miles to the main gate of Jones Gap State Park, and turn right into the designated parking area. There is a $2.00 per adult fee for use of the park.
  6. Walk on the footpath from the parking lot and cross the footbridge over the Middle Saluda. Continue on an asphalt path past the picnic area and the park headquarters.
  7. Turn left onto the service road and cross a bridge. To the right just past the bridge is a kiosk that marks the beginning of the Jones Gap Trail. Fill out a registration form before you start your hike.
  8. At approximately 1 mile, you will cross the Middle Saluda River on the John Reid Clonts Memorial Bridge and the trail will bear left.
  9. Cross on the stepping stones of the tributary just past Campsite 11 and turn right immediately onto the short spur trail to the falls.