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Height: 70 Feet        Distance: 0.5 Mile       Directions

Crabtree Falls

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Long before the Blue Ridge Parkway was constructed, the meadows upstream from Crabtree Falls used to support crabtree orchards. The crabapples were used to feed livestock, as well as for human consumption. There are still a few trees that grow in isolated areas of the meadows. Crabtree Falls got its name from these orchards that used to blanked the meadows here.

Big Crabtree Creek cascades 70 feet down a steep rock face to form Crabtree Falls. There is a moderately difficulty mile trail to reach the base of this fall.

Directions to the falls:
  1. On the Blue Ridge Parkway at N.C. 80, drive approximately 5 miles north.
  2. Turn left into Crabtree Meadows Recreation Area, located at Milepost 339.5 on the Parkway.
  3. Turn right and enter the Campground.
  4. Just beyond the gatehouse, turn right into the parking area for the falls.