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Height: 45 Feet
Latitude: N 35° 16.295
Distance: 0.3 Mile
Longitude: W 82° 53.627
Total Elevation Change: 60 Feet

Courthouse Falls

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Courthouse Creek’s headwaters spring from the western slopes of Devil’s Courthouse. This 5,462-foot peak was feared by the Cherokees, as they believed that the giant Judaculla held court in a cave close to the summit.

Courthouse Creek plunges 45 feet into a very deep pool at the base of Courthouse Falls. Thrill seekers have tempted fate here by jumping from the ledge at the top of the falls. This activity may sound fun, but some have very nearly lost their lives due to the powerful currents produced by the fall.

Directions to the falls:
  1. From Rosman, turn West U.S. 64 for approximately 0.5 mile and turn right onto N.C. 215.
  2. Drive for 10.2 miles to F.R. 140 and turn right. If you miss F.R. 140, you will drive over a narrow bridge, you can see the bridge from where you need to turn.
  3. Drive 3 miles to a pull off on the right, just after crossing the creek and park.
  4. A trail leads downstream on the right at the Summey Cove sign.
  5. After 0.2 mile a smaller trail departs to the left, this leads to the base of the fall.