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Height: 150 Feet        Distance: Roadside       Directions

Shunkawauken Falls

Shunkawauken Falls cascades down the side of White Oak Mountain, and is an unusual fall in that most falls of this magnitude do not occur this close to a mountain's summit. At this point, most streams are mere trickles. There is a small plateau on the summit of White Oak Mountain containing several small ponds which give Horse Creek its unusual size.

Shunkawauken Falls was originally named Horse Creek Falls. In 1891, the falls were renamed to honor the Indian Chief Shunkawauken.

Directions to the falls:

  1. From I-26 in Columbus, drive east on N.C. 108 for 0.4 mile to Houston Road (S.R. 1137) and turn left.
  2. Drive 1.1 miles to White Oak Mountain Drive (S.R. 1136) and turn left.
  3. From here, the falls will be visible in 2 miles on the right.
  4. There is a place to pull off about 100 yards past the falls on the left.