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Height: 35 Feet        Distance: 0.3 Mile        Directions

Little Bradley Falls

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The climb down to the trail to Little Bradley Falls is a rather dangerous one. It appears that the trail leading down from the road was washed out due to the flooding rains that swept the area from the remnants of Hurricanes Ivan and Frances. Use Extreme caution if you decide to take this hike, the first few feet down from the road are treacherous.

Upon completing the scramble down to the trail, follow it upstream for about 3/10 mile to reach the base of Little Bradley Falls. The falls rush over a 3 stair-step cascade totaling 35 feet and into a large pool.

Directions to the falls:

  1. From Exit 28 on I-26 in Saluda, drive north on S.R. 1142 for approximately 2.7 miles.
  2. There is a large rock on the right, Park here.
  3. Recent erosion seems to have obliterated the trail down to the creek. It is a very strenuous few yards down the bank to meet the trail here. Use Extreme Caution Here.
  4. Once down from the bank, turn right on the trail and follow it upstream for 0.3 mile to the falls.