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Height: 65 Feet        Distance: 0.7 Mile       Directions


Big Bradley Falls

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Big Bradley Falls requires a 7/10 mile hike to reach an overlook of this 65 Foot fall. There is supposed to be a way to reach the base of the falls that requires some climbing. This will be left for a later time. It is hard to take a bad photograph from the overlook though. My only complaint is the pine tree that blocks the larger portion of the fall from being viewed from this vantage.

Directions to the falls:
  1. From Exit 28 on I-26 in Saluda, drive north on S.R. 1142 for approximately 3.2 miles.
  2. There is a small parking area on the left, just before the creek.
  3. Walk past the gate here, there is trail through a small field here.
  4. At 0.3 mile on the trail, cross the creek and continue up the trail for another 0.4 mile.
  5. There is a path that leads to an overlook here.