The Waterfalls of Haywood County

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Height: 60 Feet


Latitude: N 35° 19.335

Distance: 0.3 Mile


Longitude: W 82° 50.795


Total Elevation Change: 105 Feet


Second Falls

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The trail to Second falls is located at Graveyard Fields overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 418.8. Graveyard Fields got its name from spruce stumps covered with moss that reminded the locals of Grave Stones. In 1925, an intense fire ravaged twenty-five thousand acres of land here. The forest has been slow to reclaim the area due to the fact that the fire sterilized the soil.

Second Falls requires a 3/10 mile hike to reach the base fall. There is a paved path that leads to Yellowstone Prong, after crossing the creek, there is a dirt path to the right that leads to nice wooden platform providing an overlook at the base of this 60 foot falls.

There is a pool at the base of the Second Falls that is a popular spot for swimmers cooling off on a hot summer day. The rocks that form the bottom of the pool are very colorful, and Yellowstone Prong is lined with them too.

Directions to the falls:
  1. From Rosman, NC, drive approximately 15 miles on NC 215 to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  2. Take the parkway North for about 3 miles until you reach the Graveyard Fields Overlook at Mile 418.8 on the Parkway.
  3. The trail descends from the overlook. When you reach the creek, take the bridge across and take the trail to the right.
  4. It is about 0.1 mile to the falls.