The Waterfalls of Rabun County

Angel Falls
Becky's Branch Falls
Holcomb Falls
Minnehaha Falls
Mud Creek Falls
Panther Falls

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Height: 150 Feet
Latitude: N 34° 58.883
Distance: 0.3 Mile
Longitude: W 83° 15.980
Total Elevation Change: 110 Feet

Holcomb Falls

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Directions to the falls:
  1. From Clayton, turn east on War Woman Road and drive for 10 miles to Hale Ridge Road.
  2. Turn left and drive 6.4 miles to the intersection of Overflow Road.
  3. Turn right and park on the left side of the road.
  4. The trail begins across the road from Hale Ridge Road.
  5. Follow the trail 0.3 mile to a bridge below the falls.